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In Memoriam: Harry Rupert (2 June 1946 – 18 May 2019)

    I woke up to sad news this morning:  Harry Rupert passed away over night at the age of 72.  For readers who do not know Harry, he was a Dutchman who was retired and who has lived in Chatel-Chéhéry with his wife, Riecky, since 2011.  He was also an active participant in the Meuse-Argonne.com Facebook Group.   Harry was best known for his passion for WW1 history—including the AEF during the Meuse-Argonne campaign—and for his penchant to question everything and look at the Continue reading →

News & Events–Over There: August 20 Update on Harry Rupert and Chatel-Chehery Photo Exhibition

  The photo exhibition (about 150 photos) on the grounds of the Chateau in Chatel-Chehery is open for visitation during the times listed above.  However, the tent–which includes a slide show of several hundred additional photos–is closed for an indefinite period.  Harry Rupert has spent months planning this exhibition, so please support him by visiting it!   As reported in late July, Harry suffered a major health issue.  He is home and is recovering; but he still has very little energy and his recovery is Continue reading →

News & Events–Over There: Harry Rupert Health Issues Close Chatel-Chehery Exhibit Temporarily. Stay Tuned for Updates.

  The Webmaster has been informed that Harry Rupert has suffered a serious health issue and it will take some time, which is still uncertain how long, to recover.  Unfortunately, this means that Harry’s photo exhibit in Chatel-Chehery is closed for an undetermined period of time. The Webmaster met Harry during his stay in France in 2017, and he and Harry struck up a good friendship.  Harry is well known in the area.  He volunteers at the Morolager near Binarville on Saturdays.  He was written Continue reading →

News and Events–Over There: Update on Local Centennial Events in France

As anticipated, numerous individuals, associations and communities in France are planning special events and exhibits for the 2018 Centennial.  The list below provides an update.  Travelers should consider working these events into their 2018 travel plans. The events below have been added to the 2018 Centennial Events page on the website.   Harry Rupert’s Photo Exposition of Americans in Chatel-Chehery and the Argonne:     Sjoerd van der Ven’s 89th Division Tours and Living History Event in Early November:     An On-going Exhibit at Continue reading →

La Vie en France: Post #2. Time is not on my Side!

  15 March, 2017 was the Webmaster’s last day at work.  Eight weeks seemed to be more than enough time to get everything done before moving to France for six months on 15 May.  Well, four weeks have passed, and the Webmaster still has an unbelievable do list to accomplish over the next month!!!   To be sure, he did accomplish some major home projects–including renovating an office and the guest bedroom.  He also has spent quality time with the family; and he was able to participate Continue reading →

Then and Now: Chatel-Chéhéry

  Caption:  Belgian friend Wim Degrande submitted this then and now series showing a German truck and three German soldiers in the Village of Chatel-Chéhéry.   Location:  The Y-intersection where the Rue de la Coupé À Jean intersects the D4, in town named the Rue Laloy Chenet.   Source:  Wim Degrande   Note:  The Webmaster is always looking for good then and now pictures for the website.  The goal is to publish 2 per month (24 per year) and that is hard to do when he lives in the United Continue reading →

We Forget Today: Sgt. York Sites, Pall Mall, TN

We forget today just what an impact World War One had on the lives of its participants and their families…   Pilgrimage definition:  A journey, especially a long one, made to some sacred place as an act of religious devotion.  (Dictionary.com.) A visit to the Sgt. York Sites in Pall Mall, TN had long been on the webmaster’s bucket list.  So, on a recent business trip to Nashville, he took an additional day off for the 2.5 hour drive from Nashville to Pall Mall, TN Continue reading → Continue reading →

Travel Tips: What can one see of the Meuse-Argonne Battlefield Today?

In recent conversations, acquaintances who have some interest in history and/or a relative who fought in the war have asked this question. On the surface, it was asked innocently enough. They had no idea what they could expect to see on the battlefield. So here’s a list of some of the easily-visible sites in the Meuse-Argonne:   Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne-sous-Montfaucon Montfaucon American Monument Destroyed Village of Montfaucon Vauquois Hill and Destroyed Village of Vauquois Lost Batallion Site, near Binarville Sgt. York Sites, near Chatel Chéhéry Continue reading →