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News and Events–Over There: Spaces Still Available on the WW1 Historical Association’s June 2017 Pilgrimage, but Deadline Approaching

  Hello readers!  Space is still available on the World War 1 Historical Association’s June 2017 Pilgrimage to the Western Front, but the deadline for reserving your seat is December 31, 2016!  So don’t put off your decision-making too long; and please share this post with your friends who might be interested in the tour!!  Details can be found at this website:  http://ww1ha.org/2017-ww1-battlefield-pilgrimage/.     Tour Guide’s Skill Set This tour is being led by webmaster Randal Gaulke.  Many readers know that Randal has been travelling to Continue reading →

Reader’s Question: Randal Gaulke’s Experience as a Tour Leader

Intro:  Several weeks ago the webmaster announced that the was sanctioned to organize and lead the World War One historical Association’s June 2017 Eight-day Battlefield Pilgrimage.  A few days ago the webmaster received the email below.  For the benefit of all who might be considering participation on this tour, the webmaster is publishing the question and his reply:  Sorry for the self-promotion, but it is important that participants understand who the organizer and primary tour guide is.     Father and Son Exploring a German Continue reading →