News & Events–Stateside: Where to Find Upcoming Centennial Events

    While the Webmaster’s focus is on being “Over There” for the upcoming Centennial of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive, many Americans will not have that luxury.  That doesn’t mean that there are not / will not be great events in the U.S. to attend over the next few months. Readers looking for events are encouraged to look at the United States’ World War One Centennial Commission’s website.  Under the “Commemorate” tab there is a WW1 Centennial Events page.  In case that page does not capture Continue reading →

People of the Meuse-Argonne: Dominique Lacorde

    Even today French locals, other Europeans and Americans find themselves drawn to the Meuse-Argonne region of France.  Once drawn there, many return time and again; often working on multi-year research or preservation projects.  In this irregular interview series, the Webmaster hopes to introduce readers to some of these individuals and their labor of love. Dominique Lacorde speaks no English, yet he has become one of the most active participants in the Facebook Group.  He is always willing to help people, and he Continue reading →

Books and Movies: Back Over There… by Richard Rubin

  “Back Over There” is a fun-to-read travelogue; and it marks Richard Rubin’s second grand effort to educate an American public that is largely ignorant of or apathetic to the United States’ role in World War I.  In this book the author explores the American battlefields of Northeastern France; meeting a wide variety of Frenchmen, and other Europeans living in France, who show him the physical remains of the American WW1 battlefields in their backyard.  He intertwines these encounters and cultural vignettes with snippets of Continue reading →

News & Events–Over There: Harry Rupert Health Issues Close Chatel-Chehery Exhibit Temporarily. Stay Tuned for Updates.

  The Webmaster has been informed that Harry Rupert has suffered a serious health issue and it will take some time, which is still uncertain how long, to recover.  Unfortunately, this means that Harry’s photo exhibit in Chatel-Chehery is closed for an undetermined period of time. The Webmaster met Harry during his stay in France in 2017, and he and Harry struck up a good friendship.  Harry is well known in the area.  He volunteers at the Morolager near Binarville on Saturdays.  He was written Continue reading →

News & Events–Over There: Yankee Division Commemoration, 29 July, Braye-en-Laonnois

  The Yankee Division graffiti in the quarries underneath the Chemin des Dames is well-documented.  This is a chance for visitors to view those quarries and to commemorate the Yankee Division in the Aisne Sector and on the Chemin des Dames! The event will take place on Sunday, 29 July at 15h00.  Location is the Yankee Division Monument at the Carrieres de Froidmont (Quarries of Froidmont) in Braye-en-Laonnois.  It will take place in the presence of General Leonid Kondratiuk, National Commander of the Yankee Division Continue reading →

News & Events Over There: Still Planning Your Centennial Trip to France?

  For those of you still planning your 2018 Centennial trip to France, the Webmaster hopes this summary of events and information sites will be helpful to readers: Events The Webmaster and German historian Markus Klauer are offering a Small Group Battlefield Walk Series–with great date flexibility–from 20 – 27 September.  Each day will focus on a different Army Corps and will include a driven “monuments tour” in the am and an intensive hike in the pm.  The tour has also been designed Continue reading →

Books and Movies: US Army WW1 Campaign Commemorative Brochures Available for Download

  A recent post in Michael Hanlon’s “Roads to the Great War” blog reminded the Webmaster that the Center of Military History of the United States Army is currently publishing “The U.S. Army Campaigns of World War I Commemorative Brochures.”  These brochures can be downloaded for free at the following site: At present four brochures have been published: “The Mexican Expedition, 1916-1917” by Julie Irene Prieto; “The U.S. Army in the World War I Era;” “Joining the Great War, April 1917 – April 1918” Continue reading →

Hell on the Meuse: 1918, 2014

by Madeleine Johnson   The Webmaster is always interest in posting reports of readers’ pilgrimage to the Meuse-Argonne and the other American battles of WW1.  Thanks to Madeleine Johnson for sharing her story.   After months of “chasing the Hun,” the Occupation of Germany offered the Third Army many pleasures–a beautiful setting, Rhine wine, baseball.  My great uncle, Lothar R. Long, a Captain of the 6th Machine Gun Battalion in the 4th Marine Brigade who aspired to be a journalist, particularly enjoyed newspapers and magazines Continue reading →

News and Events–Over There: Update on Local Centennial Events in France

As anticipated, numerous individuals, associations and communities in France are planning special events and exhibits for the 2018 Centennial.  The list below provides an update.  Travelers should consider working these events into their 2018 travel plans. The events below have been added to the 2018 Centennial Events page on the website.   Harry Rupert’s Photo Exposition of Americans in Chatel-Chehery and the Argonne:     Sjoerd van der Ven’s 89th Division Tours and Living History Event in Early November:     An On-going Exhibit at Continue reading →