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Research Tips: Researching and Downloading A.E.F. Signal Corps Photographs

The Signal Corps of the American Expeditionary Forces took more than 70,000 photographs during the First World War. Most of the photographs are available online at the National Archives’ website. This post will explain how to find them in simple English. Step 1: Find and download the “Catalogue of Official A.E.F. Photographs taken by The Signal Corps, U.S.A.” It was published by the Government Printing Office in 1919 and can be easily downloaded. (The book is 590 pages. The webmaster’s downloaded copy is 64,415 KB Continue reading →

Research Tips: The “Griffin Group” Photos in the National Archives

A special shout-out is due to Marc Romanych of Digital History Archive who introduced the Webmaster to the Griffin Group photos!!!  As a result, the Webmaster spent the last two days in the National Archives “walking” the Western Front shortly after war’s end.   National Archives record group 120-G is a collection of 2,262 photographs of the American battlefields of the Western Front taken in early 1919 under the direction of Major T. H. Griffin of G-2.  His team of photographers was tasked with taking Continue reading →