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Getting Back Into the Action

  Regular blog and Facebook Group readers have likely noticed a lack of posts since the Webmaster returned home from France in November 2017.  This has been due to several factors: Christmas and New Years activities with the wife and others after six months in France; Adjusting to life “away” from the trenches; Website re-design; Working on tour offerings with historians Markus Klauer and Robert Laplander; and Working on an upcoming DVD Release.  (More shortly.)   With 2018 progressing quickly, it’s time to have a Continue reading →

Where in the World is This?

    Most avid battlefield tourists are familiar with the “demarcation stones” erected in France and Belgium by the Touring Club de France and Touring Club de Belgique to mark the limit of the German advance in 1918.  According to Rose Coombs, MBE:  “They were designed by the sculptor Paul Moreau Vauthier who produced three basic types, differing mainly in the helmet of the capstone.  These were either of the British tin helmet or the French and Belgian ‘Poilu’s’ helmet design.  On the side of Continue reading →

News & Events–Over There: 2018 Events in the Department of the Meuse

  25 January, 2018.  German tour guide and friend Markus Klauer made the Webmaster aware of this “Upcoming Program” advertising Centennial commemoration events in the French Department of the Meuse.  Below is a copy of the full brochure in French: avant programme A5_2018 BD     Over the next week or two the Webmaster plans to add many of these events to his English-language list of 2018 events at:  https://meuse-argonne.com/?page_id=2928.    

Then and Now: Attigny German Airfield (Champagne)

Caption:  Griffin Group Photo CH64.  German Aviation Field.  270.5 – 301.7.  30 January, 1919. Technically, the town is in the Champagne Region; but it is often difficult to find and line-up airfields, so the Webmaster selected this photo for the current Then and Now post. The ground in this photo was liberated by the 36th Division, AEF on 12 October, 1918. The photo below shows a series of wind turbines along the D987 south of Attigny.  Those are the only blades turning in the region Continue reading →

La Vie en France #27: Inspiration can be Found Anywhere–Even in a Christmas Cartoon Movie

  The Webmaster’s “La Vie en France” posts can be used to highlight cultural differences or to encourage others to pursue their passions.  Today’s post is about encouraging readers to pursue their passions.  Inspiration to do that can be found anywhere–even in a Christmas cartoon movie.   Most Americans are familiar with the scene from the Christmas cartoon movie “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” shown above, and most American readers (of age) can sing along with the chorus:  “Put One Foot in Front of Continue reading →

La Vie en France #26: Stuff

  Happy Thanksgiving 2017 readers!  In a few hours the Black Friday sales start and Americans begin their tradition of collecting more stuff to place in already over-crowded houses.  Sound familiar?   Living in another culture helps one to better understand the plusses and minuses of one’s own culture.  During his six months in France the Webmaster noticed that Europeans tend to have less “stuff” than their American counterparts; whether looking at clothing, dishes and china, collections, etc.  In general, they seem to be less Continue reading →

La Vie en France #25: Additional Thoughts on Exercise

In La Vie en France #15 the Webmaster spoke of differences in diet and exercise in Europe and the U.S.  This post is a brief continuation of the discussion; with a focus on exercise.  The discussion resumed when reenactor friends of the Webmaster’s 18 year-old son were extolling the virtues of joining a gym for getting in shape.  “Why not just go outside and do something?” was more or less the son’s reply.   Indeed, it seems that Americans go to great lengths to do Continue reading →

La Vie in France #24: Goodbye Doulcon (France), Hello Gillette (New Jersey)

  Today is 15 November, 2017.  The Webmaster’s six-month stay on the American battlefields in France has come to an end.  In a few hours he will be on a plane headed back to the United States; contemplating what comes next.   Thanks to a wonderful wife and an army of supportive people–on both sides of the Atlantic–he was able to live out his dream of spending significant time on the American battlefields–mostly the Meuse-Argonne.  During that time he led about fifteen small group tours Continue reading →

Travel Tips: Short-Term Car Leasing in Europe

  Those readers planning to spend three or more weeks on vacation in France / Europe might want to consider a short-term car lease (i.e. purchase – repurchase program) from a European car manufacturer instead of renting from Hertz or Avis.   European car manufacturers have been doing short-term leasing programs (i.e. purchase – repurchase programs) for decades.  Taxes appear to be a major reason for the existence of the programs, as the Value Added Tax (VAT) on a used vehicle is considerably lower than Continue reading →

La Vie en France #23: You’ve got to Have Faith

  Like Number 22, La Vie en France #23 is also for those readers who think about taking a crazy step off a cliff; and moving out into a new direction in their lives.   The previous blogpost described how momentum builds as one starts to take steps toward one’s dreams.  At some point, one has to quit dreaming and take that great leap of faith.  However, taking that step can be daunting.  The Webmaster has worked in finance all his life; and the general Continue reading →