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News & Events–Stateside: WW1 Historical Association 2016 Symposium Theme: “1916: Sex, Planes, and Disasters”

The World War One Historical Association is partnering with the General Douglas MacArthur Foundation to host its 2016 Symposium with the theme:  “1916:  Sex, Planes, and Disasters.”  The location is the MacArthur Memorial and Museum in Norfolk, Virginia; and the symposium includes a tour of the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach on Friday afternoon.  Dates are 21 – 22 October, 2016 with a cash bar reception on Thursday evening, 20 October. Speakers and topics include:   Friday Steve Suddaby–“From Venice to London:  Aerial Bombing in 1916” Continue reading →

News & Events–Stateside: WW1 Symposium: 1915–Warfare Evolution, New Strategies and Tactics

  The WW1 Historical Association and the League of WW1 Aviation Historians is holding a WW1 Collaboration Symposium in Lisle, IL on 2-3 October.  The theme of the Symposium is “1915:  Warfare Evolution; New Strategies and Tactics” and presentations will cover a wide range of topics under that theme.  The Symposium will also feature a tour of the First Division Museum at Cantigny in Wheaton, IL; as well as vendors, reenactors and wargamers.  The event is also being structured to allow plenty of time for Continue reading →