Recent Website Updates, Including Laplander’s Guide to AEF Research Materials

The Webmaster continues to improve / update the website during the Coronavirus period; even while he expands his activities with Knee Deep Into History Battlefield Tours.

Today, he added Robert J. Laplander’s “A Guide to Research Materials for the AEF in WW1, Outside of NARA” under the Research Tools / AEF Statistics and Research tab. This guide was published in the Facebook Group and it proved to be very popular.

The Research Tools tab has been reorganized into four sections to make it easier to use: 1) AEF Statistics and Research, 2) “The High Ground”–German Research, 3) Bibliographies and Links, and 4) National Archives Tools.

The Features / Articles tab has been reworked a bit so that readers can see the contributors of research articles.

More updates are coming, as the schedule permits. Please check back periodically!