Books and Movies–a New Years Resolution: Building a 2016 Reading List

First of all, Happy New Year, Bonne Année, and Frohes neues Jahr to all readers of this blog and the Meuse-Argonne Facebook Group!


Spending more time researching and reading up on the Meuse-Argonne is one of the webmaster’s 2016 New Years resolutions.  (Learning French is the other major one.)


Toward that end–and for the benefit of all readers–the webmaster is polling readers to find out their favorite Meuse-Argonne books in the following categories:

  • Overall Battle / Discussion of Strategy / etc.
  • Regimental / Divisional History
  • Biography / Autobiography
  • Other–such as artist work, etc.


There is no restriction on languages.  However, please keep submissions tied to the German-American Meuse-Argonne battle in late 1918.  Also, please keep responses to a few sentences.  At this point, the goal is to provide a reading list; not a major book review for each book.


The Webmaster