Reader’s Question: “Translating” Burial Locations on GRS Forms into Google Map Speak

In mid April, reader “Jean” asked the following question:

How can I “translate” the GRS Form 16 from 28 Mar 1919 “Isolated Grave, Exermont, Ardennes, 35 NE 301.5 E 280.9 N to Google map speak to find the location of Charles T. Hoppas’ first burial?  He was killed 26 Sept. 1918 and now lies in the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery.  GRS Form #114B Shows “Verdun 35NE 280.9N 301.5E.”  This may be where he was buried in between where he was killed and his final placement.

This webmaster is the first to admit that he is not a technology guru.  Can anyone please help Jean by responding to this post?