Then and Now: Crown Prince House in Montfaucon-d’Argonne

Forward March Montfaucon Crown Prince House Then (2)


Montfaucon Crown Prince House Now


Caption:  The original Signal Corps photo reads:  “Stretcher bearers, 317th Inf., 79th Div., taking last German prisoner out of the house used as observatory by Crown Prince, from which he directed the attack on Verdun early in the war.  Montfaucon, Oct. 2, 1918.”


The webmaster is indebted to Marc Calluy, owner of Le Coq D’Or in Montfaucon, for recognizing that the fence still exists even though the house is long gone.

Also, both the webmaster and Marc question the photo’s caption because of the house’s location on the Northwest side of Montfaucon.  It could be that the Crown Prince stayed in the house, but it seems doubtful that it is the house used as the observatory.  Input from anyone?


Location:  On the D15a, northwest of the Montfaucon American Memorial in Montfaucon-d’Argonne.


Source of Then Photo:  Forward March!  Section Two.  The Photographic Record of America in the World War and the Post War Social Upheaval.  Disabled American Veterans of the World War, Department of Rehabilitation.  1934.  Page 344.


Source of Now Photo:  Webmaster