Then and Now: German “Sniper Position” at Dun-sur-Meuse Church

Dun Church ThenDun Church Sniper Position


Caption:  “Desecrated cemetery, Dun-sur-Meuse, and a portion of the damaged church.  Two German rifles are evidence that they were sniping from here.”


Location:  This very old church sits on a hilltop overlooking Dun-sur-Meuse.  It is most visible on the D998 driving from Doulcon into Dun.  To get to the hilltop, turn North on the D964; then turn right on Rue Saint-Sébastien; then right on Rue de Vieux Château; finally right on the Rue de l’Église.  Enjoy the climb up on the narrow roads!


The rifles appear to have been positioned simply for the photo.  First, it is doubtful that a soldier of any country would abandon his rifle–at least until he surrendered.  Second, there was likely limited fighting coming up the hilltop from the direction the rifles are pointing.  The real opportunity for skilled marksmanship was from the hill to Dun and Doulcon below–as seen in the photo below taken at the edge of the hill.  The Village of Doulcon is also visible on the right side of the now photo above.


View of Doulcon from Dun Church


Source of Then Photo:  Forward March!  Section Two.  The Photographic Record of America in the World War and the Post War Social upheaval.  The Disabled American Veterans of the World War, Department of Rehabilitation.  Chicago, 1934.  Page 396.


Source of Now Photos:  The webmaster