La Vie en France #14: Taking Stock of the First two Months–Part 2

Continuing from the last post…


Re-connecting with Old Friends…


With Experienced German Tour Guide Markus Klauer



With the Degrande (Belgium) and Paulick (Germany) Families


Making New Friends…


At the Capt. Harris Monument with Yves Colin and Alain Cesarini


With Sjoerd van der Ven

With Sjoerd van der Ven, “The Dutch Doughboy”


Getting out of one’s Comfort Zone…

  • Trying new restaurants, like L’authentique Bar Resto in Azannes and La Sicilia in Doulcon
  • Learning to drive to Stenay for shopping (12km) rather than Verdun (32 km.)
  • Researching and visiting NEW portions of the battlefield for clients
  • Finding other local “treasures” such as the 11th Century church at Mont-devant-Sassey and the Citadelle de Montmédy
  • Learning to Skype (for a 53-year old man) in order to beat the high cost of international cell phone calls


Overcoming a few “Bumps in the Road”…

  • Exeriencing a few panic attacks related to French bureaucracy; but overcoming the obstacles
  • Remembering that one cannot accomplish almost anything from 12h00 to 14h00 due to lunch hour
  • Remembering that most everything except restaurants is closed on Sunday
  • Dealing with email and website issues with U.S.-based companies
  • Getting at least a bit homesick from time to time.  (The Webmaster enjoyed flying home to attend his son’s high school graduation after the first five weeks.)


and Falling Short in a few Areas…

  • Spending more time learning and speaking French during this trip
  • Setting aside more time for blogposts



Overall, the Webmaster’s first two months as a freelance tour guide in France have been wonderful; and a big part of the reason why has been the team of people that have supported him in this effort.  There are too many to name; but it starts with his wife and son.  It is also a very international team.  Thank you, merci, danke!!!