News & Events Over There–2018 Event Schedule in France

As 2018 draws near, the Webmaster is receiving numerous inquiries about the 2018 event schedule in France.  Here is a brief summary, based on what he knows so far:


Centenaire Meuse



American Battle Monuments Commemorative Events

See his June 1, 2017 post:

Note also that the 11 November, 2017 commemoration will include a partial luminary event (1/4 of graves), but that a full luminary event is anticipated for 11 November, 2018



U.S. Presidential/Official Events

The Webmaster has no knowledge of what is being planned by the U.S. Government; but it is quite likely that key government officials and/or President Trump will visit the battlefields next September or November.

Bear in mind that the visit of Prince William and Princess Kate to the Ypres Salient in 2017 severely restricted access and traffic routes during their two-day visit.



U.S. Military Unit Events

The Webmaster has no knowledge these events; but it is likely that these events will be limited to current and/or former members of the particular division. Events

Webmaster Randy Gaulke and German Tour Guide Markus Klauer are planning a small group battlefield tour and a centennial dinner and meet-and-greet for next year.  Final details won’t be available for a few weeks; but preliminary details can be found here:

Small Group Tour Program Sept 3

Centennial Dinner and Meet Draft Sept 3

Full details will be posted in the “MA Tour and Travel” Section of the website when available.



Local French Commemorative Events

Scores of French communities are planning events for next year.  At this time, the Webmaster knows that Museum of the Argonne in Varennes-en-Argonne is planning a special presentation; as are the Villages of Consenvoye and Châtel-Chehery.

The best place to look for these details on the internet is the official website of the French Mission Centenaire ’14 – ’18:  On that site one can search–in French–by region, by date or by type of event.

Each region / regional tourist office generally published a list of events for the year / six months; and these can be found at the regional tourist offices and museums in the area.  The two photos included in this article are examples of the 2017 schedules.


Centenaire Marne



Final Note

The Webmaster is more than happy to pass on information of Centennial events in France.  Once he returns to the U.S. he will add a “2018 Events” page to the “MA Tour & Travel” Section.

Readers are also encouraged to join the Facebook group; and to post news of events there–in any language.  Alternatively, readers can give it to the Webmaster for him to post.