Then and Now: Attigny German Airfield (Champagne)

Caption:  Griffin Group Photo CH64.  German Aviation Field.  270.5 – 301.7.  30 January, 1919.

Technically, the town is in the Champagne Region; but it is often difficult to find and line-up airfields, so the Webmaster selected this photo for the current Then and Now post.

The ground in this photo was liberated by the 36th Division, AEF on 12 October, 1918.

The photo below shows a series of wind turbines along the D987 south of Attigny.  Those are the only blades turning in the region today.


Location:  On the D25 just Southwest of Attigny.  The field is on the western side of the D25.



Wind turbines on the D987 just a short distance from the airfield. These are the only blades turning today.


Source of Then Photo:  NARA Record Group 120G, “Griffin Group Photos.”

Source of Now Photo:  Webmaster