Getting Back Into the Action


Regular blog and Facebook Group readers have likely noticed a lack of posts since the Webmaster returned home from France in November 2017.  This has been due to several factors:

  1. Christmas and New Years activities with the wife and others after six months in France;
  2. Adjusting to life “away” from the trenches;
  3. Website re-design;
  4. Working on tour offerings with historians Markus Klauer and Robert Laplander; and
  5. Working on an upcoming DVD Release.  (More shortly.)


With 2018 progressing quickly, it’s time to have a stronger web presence.  Please note the following:

  1. Modifications to the website include a “2018 Events” tab.  Also, the “MA Tour and Travel” tab now has more travel information, including: 1) a September 2018 Small Group Battlefield Tour Series with German historian, Markus Klauer, 2) a Centennial Dinner Meet and Greet in Aubreville, France on 21 September, and 3) feedback from the Webmaster’s 2017 tour participants.
  2. Webmaster Randal Gaulke and Rob Laplander are collaborating on a tour of the Lost Battalion site and other I Corps sites of interest in Early October.  More to be published in the very near future!
  3. Finally, the Webmaster is putting finishing touches on a DVD photo product that will be made available shorty.  Stay tuned!


Thus, while the front appears quiet, rest assured that a lot of preparations are being made for the upcoming “Offensives.”