People of the Meuse-Argonne: Quentin Pasquis (aka Snafu Packman)



Even today French locals, other Europeans and Americans find themselves drawn to the Meuse-Argonne region of France.  Once drawn there, many return time and again; often working on multi-year research or preservation projects.  In this irregular interview series, the Webmaster hopes to introduce readers to some of these individuals and their labor of love.

Quentin’s English is not perfect (like the Webmaster’s French), but he makes up for it with his enthusiasm.  The Webmaster saw him at several events in the region during his six-month stay in Doulcon in 2017.



1)  What are your name, nationality and occupation?

I’m Quentin Pasquis.  I’m French.  I’m from Argonne-Ardennaise and I work in a foundry.

Webmaster’s note:  Many readers will recognize his FB name Snafu Packman.


2)  Which languages do you speak, and how fluently do you speak them?

I speak old French language of my town (Patois) and a little bit English.


3)  When was your first visit to the Meuse-Argonne?

I was born in Verdun, so always.


4)  When did you really find yourself drawn to the Meuse-Argonne?

Always, this is the land of my ancestors.


5)  What is your primary interest in the region?

In fact everything… the history, the landscape, the people, my friends…


6)  Approximately how many times and/or how often do you visit the Meuse-Argonne?

I’m lucky, I live not far away and my parents live here.


7)  What do you do when you visit?

I walk in the woods.  I research old battlefields.  I see my friends.


8)  What research or preservation projects are you working on currently?

I hope to open my own museum for WW1 American soldiers.  I’m a collector and it’s very important for me to honor them.  They saved my ancestors.


9)  What research or preservation projects have you completed in the past?

I have not yet completed my project.


10)  What is your favorite spot in the Meuse-Argonne, and why?

My town and that of my ancestors, Landres et St.-Georges.  I’m fascinated by the history of my town and the landscape and woods are beautiful.  The cookery too!


11)  History aside, what is your favorite thing to do in the Meuse-Argonne?

See my friends and party all night with them.  In the Argonne we love to feast.


12)  Schedule permitting, would you consider being a tour guide for individuals or groups traveling to the sector?

Yes, why not!  I can help you.  I know the story of my town during the war, the battlefields, the German area, the American advance…


13)  How can readers contact you for assistance or for more details?

By email:  [email protected]


14)  Any other comments?

We have a very beautiful region and the people are pleasant (not like Paris… bad joke, sorry!)


Quentin and other French Doughboys at the 2nd Division marker near Landres et St. Georges