New Feature Article: When an American Woman Rediscovers the Memory of a Small Village in the Meuse


Webmaster’s Introduction:  The story of Laurie Button, her “adopted” Doughboy, Walter “Wave” Miguel, and their ties to the Village of Louppy-sur-Loison is one of the most interesting stories to emerge from the 2018 Centennial Commemorations.  As a result of Laurie’s persistent writing from the U.S. and willing supporters in France, the parties involved organized a Commemoration Ceremony on 10 November that filled the local church and chateau.  Those of us who were present will not forget this day of Franco-American unity!  This story is first told from the perspective of Laurie Button, and next from the perspective of French historian Antoine Collot.  It is also well-illustrated with both period and current photos.



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