News & Events–Over There: Update on 1918-19 Meuse-Argonne Reconstruction / Occupation of Germany Tour

Photo shows a doughboy looking at the Stature of Kaiser Wilhelm I at “Deutsches Eck” in Koblenz, where the Rhein and Mosel Rivers Converge


Here is an update on the 1918-19 Meuse-Argonne Reconstruction / Occupation of Germany tour that Markus Klauer and I are jointly offering in September, 2019.

Markus has returned from his recon trip, and we have selected the hotels in Germany.  You can see links to their websites in the attached flyer.

I would like to emphasize that Markus and I try to offer somewhat unique, research-focused tours.  Those of you who participated in our Small-Group tour in Sept. 2018 enjoyed the afternoon hikes to show remains of the battlefield that many people don’t see.  On this tour we will touch on numerous late- and post-war topics, such as the AEF race for Sedan, explosives removal, establishment of the AEF cemeteries, and the occupation of Germany. I am unaware of other tours this year focusing on those topics during this Centennial year..

I would also add that the Mosel and Rhein River Valleys around Koblenz are, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful parts of Germany.

Finally, this is a good “battlefield” tour to have a spouse join; because it will not focus 100% on the military and because of the stunning scenery.

Please read the attached flyer and contact me with any questions.

Reconstruction and Occupation Tour Flyer Final with Hotels Added