Then and Now: Buzancy

Buzancy2 ThenBuzancy Now

Caption:  American Infantry Passing Through Buzancy, Nov. 3, 1918.

Location:  Buzancy, France.  On the D947 in the center of town.  There’s a small parking lot just to the right of the lens.

Souce of Then Photo:  ABMC p. 286

Source of Now Photo:  Webmaster

Note:  The building on the left is the Mairie (Village Hall.)  The German signage on the front indicates that, under German occupation, it served as the Deutsche Feldpost (Field Post) and as a Soldatenhem (Soldier’s Home.)

Given the caption date and location, I assume these are doughboys of the 80th Division advancing northward.


2 thoughts on “Then and Now: Buzancy

  • Karel Margry

    Dear webmaster,
    I am staying at the Buzancy municipal campsite and cycled around and across the Argonne Forest today, passing the Sgt York Trail, the Lost Battalion marker, the 77th Division Memorial, the 16th Infantry Plaque, the 1st Division Memorial and several 2nd Division boulders. No work this time, just holiday break. Back at the campsite came across your website and found your Buzancy comparison. Very well done! It’s across the road from the restaurant where I had supper yesterday evening. Amazing how recognisable the place still is. Keep up the good work!
    Karel Margry,
    Editor of After the Battle magazine
    Editor of ‘Before Endeavours Fade’

    • Randy Gaulke Post author


      Thank you for the compliment. I’m always looking for new items; so if you want to give a brief synopsis of your trip with some photos that would be great. There are a lot more then and now opportunities in the Meuse-Argonne.

      I enjoy your publications as well. My son had a subscription, but somehow we let it lapse. I really enjoyed the story on Colditz and the map of WW2 Berlin; which came out years ago. Also, have Rose Coombs book.


      Randal Gaulke


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