Then and Now: German Narrow Gauge Railroad Station at Varennes–Part of the Argonnenbahn

Feldbahnhof Varennes_

28th Div Varennes Dug Out p 673

Varennes Pionierlager Schmallspur Bahnhof 1

Varennes Pionierlager Schmallspur Bahnhof 2

Varennes Pionierlager Schmallspur Bahnhof 5


Caption:  The German narrow gauge railroad station at Varennes-en-Argonne; part of the “Argonnenbahn.”  That is, the narrow gauge network that the Germans operated throughout the Argonne Forest and vicinity.


Location:  On the D38a northwest of Varennes-en-Argonne.  Note:  The reason for the numerous now pictures is to show that the remains are well hidden by brush.  It is the remains of Varennes in the circle that identifies the building.  The station is NOT the similar looking building in good condition several meters to the left of the ruins–when looking at the hill.


Source of Then Photos:  The top French postcard is from Wim Degrande.  The other picture is from “Pennsylvania in the World War:  An Illustrated History of the Twenty-Eighth Division.  Volume II.”  (Page 673.)


Source of Now Photos:  The Webmaster, on his 2014 trip to the region.