Survey: Where do you plan to be / want to be the morning of Sept. 26, 2018?

Today is September 26, 2015–the 100th anniversary of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive is just three years away.  Do you want to / plan to be there?  If so, where will you be at 0530 on Sept. 26, 2018?  Why that location?


Heute ist der 26. Sept. 2015.  Das 100-jährige Jubiläum der Maas-Argonnen Offensive liegt nur drei Jahre in der Zukunft.  Möchten Sie dabei sein?  Werden Sie dabei sein?  Wenn ja, wo werden Sie um 5.30 Uhr am 26.09.2018 sein?  Warum dort?


Aujourd’hui est le 26 Septembre, ici à 2015 le 100e anniversaire de l’offensive Meuse-Argonne est à seulement trois ans d’absence. Voulez-vous / plan pour être là? Si oui, où serez-vous au 0530 sur le 26 septembre 2018? Pourquoi cet endroit?


The Webmaster’s Answer:  Either the 28th Division’s jump-off line or the 79th Division jump-off line.  I have always been partial to the 28th Division, AEF; and the story of the 79th Division and the failure to take Montfaucon is at the heart of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.



The French Ossuaire de la Haute Chevauchee with a mine crater in the foreground. The 28th and 77th Divisions jumped off from this spot.



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  • rexpassion

    Do these places ring a bell: Confides 7 fines, La Croix de St. Pierre, Pierre Crosse and Carr de Meurissons? 104th Engineers rebuilt the road in this area on Sept 26, including through a giant mine crater.

  • CJ

    It would be very special to be in France. However, I am sure I will be planning WWI commemorations in the LA area and be unable to get away.

      • CJ

        And if no one who cares in America is here to plan things, then nothing will be happening. I am practically running southern California by myself for the Commission.

          • CJ

            To the degree that I have people locally I am working with (Central Library, the coliseum, Department of Culutral Affairs, etc) – I have people helping. Do they do anything without me hounding them? Not really. I am kind of a one man army.


            I’d really like more help.

  • Chag

    Any photos or info on where the 91st Infantry Division jumped off on this day? I had family members in that division. Thanks for your site, I love it!

    • Randy Gaulke Post author

      Dear Chag, I will email you the map scan I have of the 91sth Infantry Division in the Meuse-Argonne. I don’t think I have any good pictures, but using (the location names on) that map and Google Earth and Google Images, you should be able to locate some good items.

      I don’t want to sound like a preacher here; but Americans are often not good at utilizing foreign resources. Since I started the Facebook group I’ve gotten more and more aware of French locals and other Europeans who are still very interested in the war and the Meuse-Argonne. I would go to that group and would look at some of the various other posts that are put on that.

  • Robert Eugene Johnson

    Randy (and Chag): I will be at the Ferme Bertrame, a couple of km NE of the town of Neuvilly, and just south of Hill 290. It was there that my father (not grandfather), jumped off with the 12th Balloon Company, in support of the 91st Division’s artillery regiments.

    A few hundred yards to the west was Harry Truman. His Battery D of the 129th Field Artillery (I Corps, 35th Division), was planted in a wooded notch just SW of that same slope. The 12th BC observed for him as well as for the 91st.

    The 12th Balloon was in the thick of the bloodiest fighting during most of the M-A operation except for a week in reserve at Dombasle. I plan to follow their path north toward Sedan over the next week following the 26th.

    The 91st Division was arrayed in the Foret de Hesse SSE of Vauquois Hill approximately half-way between Boureuilles (on the west) and Avocourt (on the east). The 37th Division was immediately to the east and the 79th Division east of that. All — including the 12th Balloon — were all part of V Corps of the First Army.

    Hope that helps.


    Robert Eugene Johnson

      • Robert Johnson


        I wish to contact someone about a one-day battlefield tour around Varennes-Cheppy-Exermont-Romagne for the first week of July this year (2016).

        Can you recommend someone in the city of Verdun?


        Bob Johnson

        • Randy Gaulke Post author


          That could be difficult, because many of my European friends will be on the Somme, with 1 July being the 100th anniversary.

          I would start with the tour guides I mention in the Feature article “Planning the Best Trip Ever.” After that you could try to contact Jean-Paul de Vries at the Romagne14-18 museum in Romagne. Another possibility is Ingrid Ferrand out of Verdun. I do not know if she is giving tours or not.

          I am making plans to live in France for a significant portion of 2017. If you schedule can wait until then, I can help you.

          If nobody is available, contact me again and I will prep you as much as I can to go on your own.

          Are you focused on a specific division? I’m guessing the 35th.


  • Chag Lowry

    Hi Randy and Robert,
    Thanks a lot for that map and the information shared here, I appreciate it. I’m always on the lookout for photos of the doughboys of the 91st during the war. I am creating a graphic novel based on the experiences of Native American soldiers who served and fought in the 91st. It will be published in 2017 to mark the 100- year anniversary of America joining the Allies. I certainly hope to travel to some of the events that take place to mark this date. I’ve never traveled to France before so I’ll certainly listen to all advice.

  • charles schneider

    Charles Schneider

    Randy, I will see you in three years. We first met at the combined world war 1 seminar in Chicago circa 1995.
    Do you have details on the 35th division’s jump off location. they were partially a Missouri national guard div. with boys from my home town.


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