Books and Movies: WW1 Graphic Novel Featuring Yurok Soldiers in the Meuse-Argonne

Blog reader and historian, Chag Lowry, is writing a graphic novel, “Soldiers Unknown,” that will tell the story of Native World War 1 veterans of Northern California.  The novel will focus on Yurok soldiers of the 91st Infantry Division, AEF during the first 10 days of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.  Inspiration came when Mr. Lowry was interviewing WW2 veterans and many of them would state that a father, older brother, etc. had served in the First World War.  The 91st Division, AEF, was selected because the majority of Native men from California were in this division.  Mr. Lowry has spent a considerable amount of time studying this division; especially its role during the Meuse-Argonne Campaign.


The novel will be illustrated by Rahsan Ekedal; in whom Mr. Lowry “found a rare talent–a comic artist who could illustrate, ink and color his own work.”  Mr. Ekedal’s work includes two titles, “The Tithe” and “Think Tank” as well as work for other publications.


The book is set to be published in 2017 through Heyday Books of Berkeley, California.  The author and publisher are also planning German and French language editions for Europe.


Mr. Lowry invites feedback on his graphic novel concept; and readers can get a better feel for the project in the Indian Country interview with Mr. Lowry found on the link below:


Soldiers Unknown:  Graphic Novelist Chag Lowry on World War I’s Native Warriors