Your Assistance Please: Guest Content Providers, Sept. 26 – Nov. 11

Looking ahead, the webmaster is preparing to write a daily post throughout the dates of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive this fall.  Other popular WW1 blog sites and FB pages do this.  However, that is quite a daunting task when combined with work, family and other activities.  (Did he say he was learning French two nights a week?)

Therefore, he is looking for content providers willing to contribute one or more articles, photo essays, etc.  Topics can range from the usual, well-known–Sgt. York, Lost Battalion, etc.–to a story about an individual, small unit, town etc. that happened 98 years ago on that day.  A battlefield pilgrimage is also a perfect topic.

A few paragraphs and pictures, if possible, is all that is required.  (And maybe a paragraph stating why this is of meaning to the writer.)

If you have a topic you’re passionate on, please volunteer:  PICK A DATE (Sept. 26 – Nov. 11) AND A TOPIC AND EITHER EMAIL THE WEBMASTER OR REPLY TO THIS POST.  He’ll get back to you at a later point in time to work out the details.

Thank you.  Remember, YOUR CONTENT can enrich this website!



9 thoughts on “Your Assistance Please: Guest Content Providers, Sept. 26 – Nov. 11

  • Connie Ruzich

    I have been doing research on Tingle Woods Culbertson, who was killed on October 4th or 5th on hill 274, attacking the Bois des Ogons. I’d be very happy to write a post on either October 4th or 5th and provide photos (I’ve visited Nantillois and walked the hill), as well as share some of Culbertson’s personal history.

    I also write a blog on lost literary voices of WWI (, and I’d be honored if you’d like me to adapt include any of the posts on American war poets (such as the anonymous author of “Home is Where the Pie Is” or Joshua Henry Jones’ poem — he was an African American poet who wrote of WW1).

    • Randy Gaulke Post author

      That would be great Connie! How about October 5. I like your second idea too. Do you want to suggest a date? Would you like to be a “People of the Argonne?” That would give you a chance to highlight your BlogSpot and your research. June is taken already, but I could put you in for July.

  • Connie Ruzich

    Randy, my apologies for the delay in responding; I was out of town for a raucous family wedding! 😉

    I’d be very happy to write the October 5th post on Culbertson and to be a “People of the Argonne” (thank you for the invitation!). And if you’d like to put me down for a July post, I’d be happy to adapt one of my blog posts for this site (I’m thinking of “Home is Where the Pie Is” – it was a poem that was popular with the troops).

    Looking forward to hearing from you with any further directions as to how to submit the posts, and again, thanks for all the great work you are doing to be sure that the men who fought in the Meuse-Argonne are remembered.

  • Madeleine Johnson

    Dear Mr. Gaulke, I have been doing research on my great uncle, Lothar R. Long, who was in the 6th Machine Gun Battalion of the 4th Marine Brigade, 2nd Division.My great uncle died under mysterious circumstances in Bayonville in 1920 when he was working with the Marine’s map detachment, which was the forerunner of the ABMC. I have been twice to the Meuse Argonne and will probably go again as I get to the bottom of a very sad story.
    I am also helping out on a documentary about Gilles Lagin, the Frenchman who is the Belleau Woods specialist.
    Put me down for a contribution; we can talk about some possibilities. Here is a link to a piece I wrote after one of my trips.
    Are you familiar with the Great War channel on YouTube? They are doing the war week by week (I have written a couple of special episodes for them).
    Please e-mail me at [email protected].
    I look forward to hearing from you!


    Hello Randy, I am working on the story of my grand uncle, Russell Archie Harvey, in World War I based on the 20 letters extant that he wrote home to his mother. U.S. Army 3rd Battalion, 90th Division, 357th Infantry, Co. K, AEF. A critical part of the story is his rescue of his officer injured near Battalion Headquarters/Battlefield area on November 10-11 near Montmedy/Baalon, France. I am imagining November 10-11 would be dates given to others for their story, so if you would like, I would take another day you assign if I am fortunate enough to be chosen to write for you. Last year I did take a World War I tour of France from Reims and Verdun and including the area of Montmedy.
    Thank you
    MaryJane Phillips Koenig


    I have been reviewing my grand uncle’s letters and I could write about what he says at just coming back from the Front–however one has to read between the lines to know what was going on where he was and how he was protecting his mother from the reality of war. Would that work? If not, I understand. If we could talk on another platform I could tell you more. Thank you! I appreciate what you are doing to preserve the memory, the context, and the stories of “The Great War.”


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