News & Events–Stateside: WW1 Historical Association 2016 Symposium Theme: “1916: Sex, Planes, and Disasters”

The World War One Historical Association is partnering with the General Douglas MacArthur Foundation to host its 2016 Symposium with the theme:  “1916:  Sex, Planes, and Disasters.”  The location is the MacArthur Memorial and Museum in Norfolk, Virginia; and the symposium includes a tour of the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach on Friday afternoon.  Dates are 21 – 22 October, 2016 with a cash bar reception on Thursday evening, 20 October.

Speakers and topics include:



Steve Suddaby–“From Venice to London:  Aerial Bombing in 1916”

Carl Bobrow–“Russian air assets in the Brusilov Offensive 1916”

At Military Aviation Museum Robert “Boom” Powell–“Flying vintage aircraft”

Tour of the Military Aviation Museum Friday afternoon.

At Sheraton dinner banquet Dana Lombardy–“Sex… and spies, oh, my!”



Paul Jankowski, 2014 Tomlinson Prize Winner–“Verdun after 100 years:  An iconic or an exceptional battle?”

William MacMullen–“Big navies, big innovations, big battle… then “fizzle.”  Why?”

Graydon Tunstall–“Eastern Front 1916:  Russian Victory to Revolution”

David Silbey–“A Citizen Army Learns to Fight:  The Tactical Evolution of the British Army in 1916”

Greg Hansard–“”Haven of Safety”:  U.S. internment of German Sailors, 1914 – 1917″

Paul Walsh–“Embattled Neutrality:  The Western Hemisphere, Europe and Woodrow Wilson”


A .pdf of the program can be found on the link below:



The WW1 Historical Association’s Symposium offers a great line-up of speakers and topics as well as a great place to meet others with the same interest.  Make your plans to attend today!