La Vie en France #17: Le Brouillard (the Fog)

The advent of cooler weather brings with it “le brouillard.”  In the morning and evening it can make driving on those lovely narrow French backroads a bit more challenging; but it also adds a certain atmosphere–especially for those touring the battlefields.  The good news is that it generally burns off by 10h00 or 10h30.

Also, for those just learning French seeing the word itself is very menacing:  The oui blends together; The double ll becomes a Y sound; and the final d is silent because it is not followed by an e.

The photographs of Dun and Doulcon shown below were taken around 09h00 today when the external temperature was 8 degrees Celsius / 46 degrees Fahrenheit.



The Meuse River Canal




The Meuse River itself




Dun-sur-Meuse and the bridge between Dun and Doulcon




Road leading to Ferme de la Briere; where, according to the citizens of Murvaux, Frank Luke’s first balloon was located on 29 Sept., 1918.