News & Events–Over There: August 20 Update on Harry Rupert and Chatel-Chehery Photo Exhibition


The photo exhibition (about 150 photos) on the grounds of the Chateau in Chatel-Chehery is open for visitation during the times listed above.  However, the tent–which includes a slide show of several hundred additional photos–is closed for an indefinite period.  Harry Rupert has spent months planning this exhibition, so please support him by visiting it!


As reported in late July, Harry suffered a major health issue.  He is home and is recovering; but he still has very little energy and his recovery is expected to take several months.  Again, the Webmaster encourages readers to drop him a note or postcard.  Members of the Meuse-Argonne Facebook Group know that he has been an active participant in the group.  His address is:


Harry Rupert

6, Rue du Chateau

08250  Chatel-Chehery