La Vie en France #43: Podcast Explores Cultural Differences Between France and USA

Above is a link to the second “Battles of the First World War Podcast” that the Webmaster has done with Mike Cunha. Together with cross-cultural trainer and author Carol Kieffer, the three participants spend about an hour talking about a wide range of cultural differences between France and the U.S.A. The goal of this podcast is to give potential first-time (or second- or third-time) travelers to France a more pleasant experience, because they will have some idea of what to expect.

Together, the three participants have many experiences to draw upon: Carol has lived and worked in France and has published a book, “Living and Working in France: Thriving Through Understanding.” Randal has spent more than two years living in France and Germany and this website has a travel tips section and a Blog section with cultural tips in the “La Vie en France” blog category. Mike Cunha has visited the battlefields in France three times and, as a child, he regularly visited Portugal in the summer.

If readers feel uneasy about traveling abroad, because they do not know what to expect, this is a must listen! Many, but not all of the tips, are apropos to travel in other European countries too. Travel abroad should be looked forward to, not feared. This podcast will give readers tools to do just that!