The Griffin Group Photo Archive–Early Customer Feedback

In late April, 2018 Webmaster Randal Gaulke began to market copies of the Griffin Group Photo Archive, a collection of 2,300+ high-quality black and white photos that were taken by the Signal Corps in early 1919.  Details of the Griffin Group Photo Archive and a Q&A blogpost About the Griffin Group Photo Archive can be found on these links.

Rather than hearing the Webmaster / Seller talk yet again about what a wonderful collection of photographs this is, readers can hear from some of the early purchasers of the product.

Taken directly from the Facebook Group and used with permission.


Robert J. Laplander

If you are a SERIOUS researcher of WW1, and you have not picked up one of Randy’s sets of the Griffin Group photos, then consider yourself not as serious as you once thought.  This group is a MUST HAVE, right up there with the Summary of Operations collection, the 17 volume U.S. Army in the World War, the Order of Battle of the AEF, the 4 volume air service history, and the terrain photo collections.

Excellent work Randy!

…Be prepared to spend several hours going through the photos.  Amazing work and detail and lots of never before seen shots of areas where it all happened, taken right after the war.


Peter Cash

Thanks Randy.  Just got my set today, and have already spent more time than I should have looking at the images.  The detail is second to none.  The clarity reminds me of some of those amazingly crisp glass plate photos taken from the American Civil War.


Therry Schwartz

For a lot of us who have been doing this a long time, I cannot stress enough the time and effort Randy Gaulke put into this…  There is something for everyone here.  Battlefield photos that show what it was like to the individual grave still out there after the Armistice.  And just thinking about and seeing the quality of these photos is incredible…  I am on my 3rd viewing of the series…  This time I am using an enlarging tab to really get down to the nitty-gritty…  The focus is excellent in the enlargement and it is so interesting what details you can find…  Abandoned equipment to photographer assistants hiding inside dugouts…  And the faces of the children to the all poignant detail of a name on a cross…  Again THANK YOU Randy…

…I haven’t been this excited about something related to my collecting in a long time…


Laurie Button

Dear Randy:  You are evil.  This afternoon I received my USB photo collection and I just might be up all night looking at the images.  They are brilliant and my soon to be bleary, tired eyes thank you for their pain.  What a fabulous job you did and such a valuable resource for historians.  Many kudos!


Charles Eavenson II

The images are so clear, and almost look like they were made yesterday…  So much like a time machine into the past.